council of thieves (Rhina)

so after some sleep...

you wake you with a hangover.

after a long night of partying and fun the party wakes up and is greeted by silence sept for a conversation from one of the banquet tables. slowly the party make it over there to receive info from J that Ariel altho captured could be saved in 3 days time when he is moved to the hellknights holding cells. she warns the pc’s tho t hat if they fail that there will be no way to get him after. the hellknights fortress is unpenatrable. and so the planning begins. the party and J spend the next 3 days planning out there attack and the other rebels help by making blunt arrows and such supplies.
finally the day comes to launch the attack and everything is going fine in-till the guards reach the bridge were there’s a checkpoint. the party stationed alex there to pretend to be the guard but he failed (and they spotted Helena, and her spider) and attacked. the party quickly tore them to shreds and rescued Ariel. once back to the hideout the party rejoiced with the rebels over Ariels return and SOME party members made fun of him for having a girls name. (lolz)



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