council of thieves (Rhina)

so you guys go to a bar...

and become heros!

how it all starded was with a bar and a girl named Janiven. then your lives got a big turn for the crazy!

so the short of it is; the first 3 members of the party (Alex, Rob, and Helena) were at this bar for a “presentation” (and free food) when Janiven got on stage she started talking about how to make the Westcrown better by fighting the Hellknights and freeing the city. most of the commoners thought her words of revolution were going to get them killed so they left before the Hellknights came to break up this unholy assembly. All that was left was the party Janiven and a girl who had lost her boy over her belief in Janiven’s words (now Hardy’ character) when Morosino (young boy) rushed in and panicky told Janiven that Ariel had been captured by the Hellknights and they were coming here next. just as he finished pounding from the door alerted the party of the Hellknights and the party and friends ran to the sower entrance for a escape.



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