council of thieves (Rhina)

this place smells like shit.

because it's full of shit!

so to save there skins the party and friends run like hell underground in the shit to escape. Janiven shows the party to always finding the hideout incase they get split up (fallow the little arrows carved into the intersections). the party then made there way (quickly to avoid getting cot) though the tunnels. they fought some hellknights and a bunch of shit covered goblins (and kick there ass soooo bad with Janiven’s help) and finally after what must be 2 or 3 hours they make it to the safe house.once there they are quickly cleaned off (because eww) and then sat down to eat. at dinner the great rob tells stories of there great adventures in the underground and the rebels are impressed and overjoyed (most of the rebels are workers not fighters and with arial missing they are worried about safety). after getting set in,(more party members appearing) and helping solve a argument over what to call the group, (guardians of westcrown (because “children of westcrown” spelt c.o.w and that wasn’t cool)) they finally get to bed (depending on who) between 1-2:30 in the morning.



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