council of thieves (Rhina)

so you guys go to a bar...
and become heros!

how it all starded was with a bar and a girl named Janiven. then your lives got a big turn for the crazy!

so the short of it is; the first 3 members of the party (Alex, Rob, and Helena) were at this bar for a “presentation” (and free food) when Janiven got on stage she started talking about how to make the Westcrown better by fighting the Hellknights and freeing the city. most of the commoners thought her words of revolution were going to get them killed so they left before the Hellknights came to break up this unholy assembly. All that was left was the party Janiven and a girl who had lost her boy over her belief in Janiven’s words (now Hardy’ character) when Morosino (young boy) rushed in and panicky told Janiven that Ariel had been captured by the Hellknights and they were coming here next. just as he finished pounding from the door alerted the party of the Hellknights and the party and friends ran to the sower entrance for a escape.
this place smells like shit.
because it's full of shit!
so to save there skins the party and friends run like hell underground in the shit to escape. Janiven shows the party to always finding the hideout incase they get split up (fallow the little arrows carved into the intersections). the party then made there way (quickly to avoid getting cot) though the tunnels. they fought some hellknights and a bunch of shit covered goblins (and kick there ass soooo bad with Janiven’s help) and finally after what must be 2 or 3 hours they make it to the safe house.once there they are quickly cleaned off (because eww) and then sat down to eat. at dinner the great rob tells stories of there great adventures in the underground and the rebels are impressed and overjoyed (most of the rebels are workers not fighters and with arial missing they are worried about safety). after getting set in,(more party members appearing) and helping solve a argument over what to call the group, (guardians of westcrown (because “children of westcrown” spelt c.o.w and that wasn’t cool)) they finally get to bed (depending on who) between 1-2:30 in the morning.
so after some sleep...
you wake you with a hangover.

after a long night of partying and fun the party wakes up and is greeted by silence sept for a conversation from one of the banquet tables. slowly the party make it over there to receive info from J that Ariel altho captured could be saved in 3 days time when he is moved to the hellknights holding cells. she warns the pc’s tho t hat if they fail that there will be no way to get him after. the hellknights fortress is unpenatrable. and so the planning begins. the party and J spend the next 3 days planning out there attack and the other rebels help by making blunt arrows and such supplies.
finally the day comes to launch the attack and everything is going fine in-till the guards reach the bridge were there’s a checkpoint. the party stationed alex there to pretend to be the guard but he failed (and they spotted Helena, and her spider) and attacked. the party quickly tore them to shreds and rescued Ariel. once back to the hideout the party rejoiced with the rebels over Ariels return and SOME party members made fun of him for having a girls name. (lolz)

so then you had time..
to fuck around with the hellknights.

are adventure continues with the next week or so spent fucking with the hellknights and spending money. the party killed two “shadow beasts” and captured some nasty bandits! after that tho… just fucking with hellknights. the party however from all this (and rescuing Ariel) now have 5 fame points!!


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